Mask Breathability Tester

Mask Breathability Tester


Mask Breathability Tester is an all-in-one tester for fabric air permeability and face mask breathability.

When doing air permeability test, a specimen placed on a standard test area of air passage, a pre-set of air flow on both sides of fabric which occur a differential pressure and this tester calculates the air permeability of fabric by the test area and differential pressure result automatically.

When doing breathability test, a pre-set rate of air flow pass through the specimen. The pressure difference on two sides of the specimen is measured and serves as a scale for breathability.

RF4308AP includes testing device, different size of test head, vacuum pump and single processor machine, automatic control differential pressure and calculates air permeability.

Test Scope:
Knit, Woven and Non-woven fabrics and medical mask.

Test Standards:
ASTM D737, BS EN ISO 9237, EDANA 140.2, JIS L1096-A, GB/T5453, YY 0469, YY/T 0969, EN 14683

Test head and sealed silicone pad

a) Air pressure range: 10-2500Pa
b) Air flow rate: 1-225L/min
c) Accuracy: 3%
d) Flow rate Unit: mm/s, cfm, cm/cm2/s, L/m2/s, L/dm2/min, m3/m2/min, m3/m2/h and dm3/s
e) Pressure Difference Unit: Pa/cm2
f) Test head: 20 cm2(Standard)、5cm2(Mask test)、25c m2、38cm2、5 cm2、100cm2 (Optional)
g) Specimen thickness: Maximum 8mm
h) Calibration tray: standard set used for 20 cm2 test head
i) Power Supply: AC 230V,50Hz/60Hz
j) Overall dimension: 940(L)×590(W)×1010(H)mm
k) Weight: approximate 99kg

Order information:
RF4308AP Air Permeability Tester
RF4308/1 Sealed Silicone Pad
RF4308/2 5cm2 Test Head
RF4308/3 25cm2 Test Head
RF4308/4 38cm2 Test Head
RF4308/5 50cm2 Test Head
RF4308/6 100cm2 Test Head
RF4308/7 20cm2 Test Head