Model:RF3172 RF3176 RF3176N

Product Information:
Crockmeter determines the color fastness of textiles to dry or wet rubbing. It includes counter, stainless steel clip, test finger (16mm diameter).
Electronic Crockmeter includes digital electronic pre-settable counter. It motorized for frequent use and long run tests. Max. stroke up to 9999 times.
Test Scope:
Used for testing fabric dry and wet rubbing fastness
Testing Standards:
AATCC 8、AATCC 165、ASTM F1319、ISO 105 D02、ISO 105 X12、JIS L0849、M&S C8、M&S C8A、GB/T 3920, GB/T 5712, NEXT 6, NEXT 10

 RF3172 Manually  RF3176 Electronic  RF3176N Electronic Crockmeter (New Design)

Comparing with the RF3176, the newly designed RF3176N uses liner guide rail, it will ensure the stroke trail to be more linear. Quick and firm sample holder design is also the highlight of the new design.


Catalog-New Design(PDF)