Ozone Test Chamber

Ozone Test Chamber

Model: RF1108

Product Information:

Ozone Test Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of textiles when it is exposed to ozone in the atmosphere at room temperature.
RF1108 Ozone Test Chamber offers a high output of ozone generator, close-loop ozone concentration control.
Touchscreen control, ozone concentration and test duration can be set on the touchscreen.
Rotating specimen racks can hold up to 24 specimens, which make the expose evenly.
Electromagnetic door lock ensures the safety use of the tester when it is working.
Ozone catalyzer makes the ozone exhaust safely.

Test Scope:
For all textiles.

Testing Standards:
AATCC 109、ISO 105 G03、GB/T 11039.3, etc.

Ozone Generator


  1. 7 inch touch screen control
  2. Ozone Output Range: 0-8ppm
  3. Ozone Concentration Accuracy: 5ppm ±0.2ppm
  4. The speed of sample rack: 8±1 rpm
  5. Specimens Numbers: Max. 24 specimens
  6. Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz/60Hz
  7. Dimension: 520(L)×520(W)×750(H)mm
  8. Weight: approx.60kg

Order information:
RF1108        Ozone Test Chamber
RF1108/1     Ozone Generator
RF1108/2     Specimen Clips (24pcs/pack)
RF1108/3     Ozone Catalyzer (500g/pack)