Fabric Drape Tester

Fabric Drape Tester

Model: RF3305

Product Information:

The Fabric Drape Tester is used to measure and calculate the coefficient of drape of a fabric specimen.

RF3305 use a digital camera to capture the image of the drape, PC software calculate the coefficient of drape. Easy and quick operation. PC software displays images and output report.

Test Standards:

BS 5058 ISO 9073 GB/T 23329
ERT 90-1 UNI 8279 AFNOR G07-109
FZ/T 01045


  1. Specimen Clamp Plate: Diameter of 180mm or 120mm
  2. Clamp Plate Rotation Speed: 3rpm – 300rpm ± 1rpm
  3. Specimen Cutting Templates:240mm, 300mm, 360mm
  4. LED Illumination
  5. Precision Camera
  6. PC Software
  7. Overall Dimension: Dia. 500mm×870(H)mm
  8. Weight: Approximate 30kg
  9. Power: 230V 50/60HZ

Order information:

RF3305        Fabric Drape Tester
RF3305A     Fabric Drape Tester (Static Test, for Specimens of Max. 240mm in diameter)
RF3305/1    Specimen Cutting Templates:240mm
RF3305/2    Specimen Cutting Templates:300mm
RF3305/3    Specimen Cutting Templates:360m
RF3305/4    Precision Camera
RF3305/5    Specimen Clamp Plate:180mm
RF3305/6    Specimen Clamp Plate:120mm