Moisture Diffusion Tester

Moisture Diffusion Tester


Moisture Diffusion Tester, measures the moisture diffusion area on top and bottom surface of the fabric by drop amount of water or ink onto the top surface of the fabric.
RF4008MDT uses a precision camera, together with PC software, capture the image of the specimen and calculate the wet area quickly. PC software displays test data and specimen image.

Test Scope: Knit and woven fabrics or quick-absorption-and-quick-drying fabrics

Testing Standards: Enterprise Method


  1. Specimen Size:100mm x 100mm (Max. 120mm x 120mm)
  2. Sample Template: 100mm × 100mm ± 1mm
  3. Precision Camera
  4. LED Illumination
  5. PC Software
  6. Data Transfer:USB cable
  7. Test Report:Automatic saved and easy print
  8. Power:AC 230V,50Hz/60Hz
  9. Dimension: 500(Diameter)×650(H)mm
  10. Weight:Approx.  30kg

Order Information

RF4008MDT      Moisture Diffusion Tester
RF4008MDT/1  Sample Template
RF4008MDT/2  Precision Camera