Moisture Spreading Tester

Moisture Spreading Tester


Moisture Spreading Tester, alternative to Moisture Management Tester

Moisture Spreading Tester, alternative to Moisture Management Tester

Moisture Spreading Tester (MST) is designed to measure dynamic liquid transport properties of fabrics. It is a more advanced alternative to Moisture Management Tester. The MST consists of upper and lower concentric measurement sensors. The method is to hold the specimen between the two concentric moisture sensors and introduce standard test solution to the top surface of the specimen. The electrical resistance changes between the upper and lower sensors and the rings. Then the data will be recorded dynamically by the PC software.
The RF4008MST has a automatic loading device, which can apply different loading weight to the specimen. Test Solution Dripping Amount can be applied accurately and in wide range. Measurement sensors can be cleaned automatically. Different thickness of specimens can be tested.
Powerful PC software not only display test data and curves, also provide two different calculation methods for the testing result.

The mostly special designs for the RF4008MST are:

  1. The 48 Sector Measurement Sensors: It provides much more accurate test result than the 7-circles sensors.
  2. The Measurement of Characteristic Values of Samples: Realistically reflects the absorption rate of samples. Different fabrics with same rate of moisture content shows different electric resistance. No need to use one kind of “reference fabric” to determine different fabrics’ moisture content.

More Realistically and More Reliable.

The RF4008MST will measure the following parameters or indexes:

  • Overall Moisture Management Capacity
  • Accumulative One-Way Transport Capacity
  • Wetting Time for top and bottom surfaces
  • Absorption Rate for top and bottom surfaces
  • Max Wetted Radius for top and bottom surfaces
  • Spreading Speed top and bottom surfaces

Test Scope:Knit and woven fabrics or quick-absorption-and-quick-drying fabrics.
Testing Standards:AATCC195、GB/T21655.2

  1. Measurement Sensor: 48 Sectors Design, display wet area independently
  2. Test Solution Apply:03-0.45ml selectable;
  3. Test Solution Applying Accuracy:±0.003ml
  4. Loading Weight:5-3kg selectable;
  5. Measurement Sensors Automatic Cleaning Function.
  6. PC Software: Automatic display test result and curves, print and save test report.
  7. Two types of test method and calculation method for reference.
  8. Interface: USB Cable

Order Information
RF4008MST              Moisture Spreading Tester
RF4008MST/1    Measurement Sensor (Upper Head)
RF4008MST/2    Measurement Sensor (Lower Head)