Vertical Wicking Tester

Vertical Wicking Tester


Product Information:
Vertical Wicking Tester, determines the vertical wicking distant and wicking rate of the fabrics which is vertical aligned and immersed into water.
RF4008WV, equipped with 6 pcs 165mm and 6 pcs 250mm stainless steel rulers, can perform FZ/Tand AATCC test simultaneously.

Test Scope
Woven, Knitted and Nonwoven fabrics

Testing Standard
AATCC197, FZ/T 01071,etc.


  1. Equipment Stand can be leveled;
  2. Water Container: Min. depth 100mm;
  3. Crossbeam can be leveled;
  4. 12 pcs specimen clamps, can do FZ/T and AATCC tests simultaneously;
  5. 6 pcs 165mm and 6 pcs 250mm stainless steel rulers, resolution is 1mm;
  6. 12pcs top specimen clamps for holding the specimens vertically;
  7. 12pcs Bottom Tension Clamps ensure the specimens hanging vertically;
  8. Dimension: 560mm(L) x 360mm(W) x 650mm (H)
  9. Weight:Approx. 10kg;

Order Information:
RF4008WV              Vertical Wicking Tester
RF4008WV/1           Top Specimen Clamps (12 pcs/pack)
RF4008WV/2           Bottom Tension Clamps (12 pcs/pack)
RF4008WV/3           165mm stainless steel rulers
RF4008WV/4           250mm stainless steel rulers