Yarn Crimp Tester

Yarn Crimp Tester


Product Information
The Crimp Tester provides a means of measuring the length of yarns removed from fabrics under known tensions, so as to calculate crimp of knitted or weaved yarn.
RF3304 Crimp Tester provides two ranges of tension: 0-35g and 0-175g. Measure length is 125cm.

Test Scope:
Knitted and weaved yarns.

Test Standards:
ISO7211, BS 2863, BS 2865, BS 2866, Woolmark TM169, etc.

Scale Ruler


  1. Scale: 125cm
  2. Reflection Mirror
  3. Balancing Device
  4. 0-35g Tension Kit
  5. 0-175g Tension Kit.
  6. Overall Dimension: 1500(L) × 80(W) ×40(H)mm
  7. Weight: Approximate 4kg

Order information:

RF3304        Crimp Tester
RF3304/1    Reflection Mirror
RF3304/2    0-35g Tension Kit
RF3304/2    0-175g Tension Kit