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Absorption and Quick-Drying Tester RF4008DR

Absorption and Quick-Drying Tester

Model: RF4008DR


The Absorption and Quick-Drying Tester is used to determine the water drop diffusion time, evaporation time and evaporation rate when the specimen is being dropped a certain amount of water.

The test method

1. To place a specimen on a flat table and drop a certain amount of water onto the center of the specimen, observe the water drop diffusion time.

2. Then hang the specimen vertically and weigh the specimen weight with absorbed water.

3. Periodically weigh the weight of the specimen and monitoring the evaporated water amount until the test end condition is met.

4. Then stop the test and calculate the evaporation time and evaporation rate.


Product Features:

1. RF4008DR uses high precision weighing device, weighing the specimen weight and evaporation water amount accurately.

2. The RF4008DR is highly automatic and intelligent, avoiding the measurement errors caused by manual operation.

a) Automatic water dripping device, controls the water dripping amount accurately

b) Water absorption time is measured when the water is dropped on the top surface of the specimen and the reflection disappears.

c) The presence of the specimens on rack automatic detection, only the position which has specimen will be tested. Ten specimens can be tested at the same time, less specimens also can be tested automatically.

d) Specimens can be marked into two groups (group A or B), which can be indicated as the specimens before washing or after washing. Two groups of test data can be averaged after test.

e) The intelligent queuing weighing system, makes it possible to switch from weighing to water dripping and weighing smartly. The system always knows which action will be done the next step.

3. Touchscreen operation, easy to operate. The test can be done without PC connection.

4. PC software collects testing data and displays curves and data and the calculated results.







Product Advantages:

Test Scope:  Knited fabrics and quick-drying fabrics。

Testing Standards:  GB/T21655.1, etc.



1. Ten Working Positions, be able to test 10 specimens in one test.

2. Working Position (Specimen I.D.) automatic recognition.

3. Specimen Automatically Lying Flat.

4. Automatic Water Dripping.

5. Intelligent Queuing Weighing System

6. Moisture Spreading Time Automatically Detected.

7. Water Dripping: 0.03-0.45ml.

8. Water Dripping Accuracy:0.03-0.45ml±0.003ml

9. Max. Specimen Weight:120g.

10. Specimen Size:100x100mm, Max. 125x125mm.

11. Automatically calculation of moisture drying time and drying rate.

12. PC software for data saving and report printing.

13. Touchscreen control and displaying test data.

14. Interface: USB Cable.

15. Power: 230V,50/60Hz

16. Dimension: 660(L)×680(W)×940(H)mm

17. Weight: about 100kg.


Ordering Information:

RF4008DR Absorption and Quick-Drying Tester

RF4008DR/1 USB Cable

RF4008DR/2 Specimen Holder