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Rapid Oil Extractor RF-F018C

Rapid Oil Extractor



The Rapid Oil Extractor is used to determine the oil or finish content of wool or synthetic samples by solvent percolation and evaporation.
1. Put the specimen into the test cylinder, test the oil content by extraction and evaporation.
2. 3 specimens can be tested at one test.

3. Complies with Endana ERT 155 test method.

Test Scope: 

For fiber, yarn or fabric.

Test Standards:

Endana ERT 155, or others.


Foil Residue Trays (Pack of 50) 


a) Extracting position: Triple
b) extraction tube- 12mm (OD), 10 mm (ID)
c) Plunger Weight (including test weight): 1kg
d) Power: 230V AC, 50HZ, 3.15A

e) Overall Dimension: 500(L) × 120(W) ×380(H)mm

f) Weight: Approximate 7kg

Order information:

RF-F018C   Rapid Oil Extractor

RF-F018C/1   Foil Residue Trays (Pack of 10) 


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