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Hydrostatic Head Tester RF4408PN

Hydrostatic Head Tester, a specimen placed on a standard fixed size test area, the beneath water keeps on supplying a water pressure under specimen to determines the water penetration resistance of a fabric under constant water pressure.

Hydrostatic Head Tester included different fixed size test head, touchscreen display and micro-computer which may automatically control compression process. The additional pneumatic sample press device helps to hold the sample firmly. Two-hand operate mode ensure safety operation. Low capacity, suitable for low pressure water-proof test or water penetration test.
1. RF4408PL is highly intelligent and fully automated.
a) Touchscreen operation
b) Testing modes can be selected
c) Pressure rising rate from 10cmH2O/min. – 100cmH2O/min.
2. Low Capacity, max. pressure is 600cmH2O.
3. Multiple testing modes can be selected:
a) Dynamic Test.
b) Static Test.
4. Variety of testing heads can be selected:
a) 100cm²(standard package)
b) 10cm²(optional)
c) 19.63cm²(optional)
d) 26cm²(optional)
e) 28cm²(optional)
Test Scope: Knit, woven and non-woven fabrics.
Test Standards:
BS EN 20811
BS 3424-26(29A、29C)
BS 3321
JIS L1092A
ISO 16603
GB/T 4744
a) Pressure range: 0.01-0.6bar (10-600cmH2O)
b) Compression speed rate:10-100mbar/min (Selectable)
c) Test Head: 100cm² (Standard), 10cm², 19.63cm², 26cm², 28cm² (Optional)
d) Pneumatic Sample Press Device: 0-8bar pressure, adjustable
e) LED lighting, convenience for observing test status.
f) Multiple testing modes:
a) Dynamic Test.
b) Static Test.
g) Max. pressure protection
h) Alarm with light and buzzer
Order information:
RF4408Hydrostatic Head Tester
RF4408/1 10cm² Test Head
RF4408/2 19.63cm²Test Head
RF4408/3 26cm²Test Head
RF4408/4 28cm²Test Head