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Cool Feeling Tester RF4008CFS

Cooling Feeling Tester


Cooling Feeling Tester,measures the instant cool feeling as the sample contact with human skin.

Specimen is put onto a flat foam board and waiting for equilibrium. The cool feeling test head has a copper plate which can store energy (heat). The test head which has been heated by another heating plate is lift and put onto the top surface of the specimen immediately, then measure the Max. heat transfer rate (Qmax) from the cool feeling test head to the specimen. 

Test Scope: Textile fabrics, Leather, Cosmetics, Automotive Interior, Medical Products, etc.
Testing Standards:GB/T35263
1. Temperature Control:test head temperature automatically control

1.       Temperature Controltest head temperature automatically control

2.       Test platform uses standard foam pad

3.       Temperature Range for Test Head: 30-40ºC ± 0.1 ºC

4.       Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.01 ºC

5.       Specimen Size: 100mm x 100mm, Max. 200mm x 200mm.

6.       Cool Feeling Test Area30mm x 30mm

7.       Heat Loss Measurement Range: Max. 10W

8.       PC software control

9.       PowerAC 230V50Hz/60Hz

10.    Dimension 400(L) ×400(W) ×300(H)mm

11.    WeightApproximate 25kg

Order Information:

RF4008CFS    Cool Feeling Tester

RF4008CF/1   Foam Board