Dimensional Stability Tester

Dimensional Stability Tester


Dimensional Stability Tester is used to determine the dimension change of fabrics after washing, steaming or hot pressing. It also can be used to mark the measurement points on the fabrics automatically.

RF6068DST combines the digital image and electric automation technology, with the functions of automatic marking and measuring in one machine.

Test ScopeTextile Fabrics

Test StandardAATCC135, AATCC 150, AATCC 160, AATCC 179, BS EN 3759, BS 4931, ISO 3795

ConsumablesTexpen Marking Pens (White or Black)


1. Precision Digital Camera, resolution within 1mm;
2. Automatic Marking Device, resolution within 1mm;
3. Automatic Changing Marking Pen according to the color of the specimen;
4. Marking Pen Automatic Rotating and Pressing, simulating hand dotting;
5. Automatic Measurement of the Distance Between Marking Points, Max. Marking Range: 500mm x 500mm, Max. Specimen Size: 610mm x 610mm;
6. Automatic Calculation of Dimension Changes
7. Automatic Calculation of Skewness in Fabrics and Garment Twist;
8. Smart PC Software, Control and Quick Calculation Automatically;
9. Power: AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
10. Dimension: 1100(L)×900(W)×1500(H)mm
11. Weight: Appro. 340kg

Ordering Information
RF6068DST               Dimensional Stability Tester
RF6068DST/1            Texpen Marking Pen, White (6pcs/pack)
RF6068DST/2          Texpen Marking Pen, Black (6pcs/pack)