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Ozone Test Chamber RF1108

Ozone Test Chamber

Model: RF1108


Ozone Test Chamber is used to determine the colorfastness of textiles when it is exposed to ozone in the atmosphere at room temperature.

1. RF1108 is touchscreen controlled and the test is fully automated.

2. The key component is using a famous US brand, the accuracy and durability is higher than other product.

3. Build-in ozone generator, ozone concentration ranges from 2ppm to 8ppm. Test time and ozone concentration can be set to meet the needs of production inspection and product development.

4. 24 specimen holders with rotating rack, makes the specimens expose to the ozone gas evenly.

5. Alarm for accidentally opening the chamber door to prevent ozone leaking to the lab.

6. Ozone catalyst decomposes the ozone before it is exhausted to the lab.





High-end ozone analyzer, high precision and stable.

Ordinary ozone analyzer, low precision.

Adjustable ozone concentration, satisfies quality inspection and product development study.

Fixed ozone concentration, only for quality inspection.

Ozone decomposed automatically, no pollution.

No ozone decomposer, need exhausting system.

Blower and ozone generator are long-life, low maintenance cost.

Blower, ozone generator has high fault rate, high maintenance cost.


Test Scope:

All textiles.

Testing Standards:

AATCC 109、ISO 105 G03、GB/T 11039.3, etc.


Ozone Generator, Ozone Catalyst


a) 7 inch touch screen control

b) Ozone Output Range: 2 - 8ppm

c) Ozone Concentration Accuracy: 5ppm ± 0.2ppm

d) The speed of sample rack: about 8 ± 1rpm

e) Specimens Numbers: Max. 24 specimens


Order information:

RF1108  Ozone Test Chamber

RF1108/1 Ozone Generator

RF1108/2 Specimen Clips (24pcs/pack)

RF1108/3 Ozone Catalyst (500g/pack)