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LaboWash Washing Machine RF6088W

LaboWash washing machine is designed to test the shrinkage and color fade property of the fabrics.

1.    It is a heavy-duty commercial washing machine which is deeply developed by Refond. The original machine is made-in-USA, which can guaranty the stability and accuracy of the test.

2.    The constant-temperature device and the software are independently developed by Refond. While meeting the conventional test standards (the parameters list in the Table I of AATCC Laboratory Procedure 1), it expands the range of test parameters and has great flexibility. It is very helpful for the research and development test of new products of scientific research institutions, and also has more flexible adaptability to the changes of later standards.

3.    On the basis of the traditional model, bold innovation has been made to realize the automatic control of speed, water volume, water temperature, multiple cycle washing and so on.

4.    The washing machine is controlled by touchscreen, which the following parameters can be set:

a)      Water amount (level).

b)     Water temperature.

c)      Agitation Speed.

d)     Washing (Agitation) Time.

e)     Rinse Time.

f)      Rinse Cycles.

g)     Spin Speed.

h)     Spin Time.

i)       Cyclic test.

j)       Number of Cycles.

5.    Standard washing programs are built-in for easy selection.

6.    Custom programs for easy expansion of the washing programs. All the following parameters can be set or selected for the custom programs:

Water Temperature, Agitation Speed, Spin Speed, Water Amount, Washing Time, Rinse Time, Rinse Count (numbers), Spin Time, Cycles.

7.    Manual mode for manual control of the washing machine, including the following functions:

a)      Cold Water In.

b)     Hot Water In.

c)      Agitate and Speed.

d)     Spin and Speed.

e)     Drain.

8.    Calibration function for traceability:

a)      Water temperature calibration.

b)     Water amount (level) calibration.

c)      Agitation Speed Calibration.

d)     Spin Speed Calibration.

The LaboWash washing machine is so designed as to meet all the related AATCC testing standards. Meantime, it also provides a flexible programing function for the laboratories.

Test Scope:Textile Fabrics

Test Standard:AATCC TM88B, TM88C, TM124, TM130, TM135, TM143, TM150, TM179, and TM207, AATCC LP1-Home Laundering: Machine Washing-Table I, etc.



1.    Water Amount (Level) Automatic Control: ±2L.

2.    Water Temperature Automatic Control: ±1°C.

3.    Agitation Speed Automatic Control: ±2spm.

4.    Spin Speed: ±3rpm.

5.    Washing Time: ±10seconds.

6.    Spin Time: ±10seconds.

7.    Loading capacity: 10.5kg max.

8.    Language: English/Chinese.

9.    Door safe switch.

10.  LED indicators signals.

11.  Power: AC230V 50Hz, 1.5kW

12.  Dimension: 650(L)×720(W)×1200(H)mm

13.  Weight: Appro. 70kg

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RF6088W           LaboWash Washing Machine