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New Product Launched-LaboDDD Lab. Detergent Dispensing Device

LaboDDDLab Detergent Dispensing Device is a tailor-made device for the assistance of adding detergent in the washing colorfastness test.

1. The LaboDDD is designed to be automatic dispensing desired amount of detergent to the test containers according to the testing standards.

2. The device automatic control the bath water temperature and has weighing system for weighing the specimens. According to the weight of the specimen and desired bath ratio, the device will dispensing correct amount of detergent into the container quickly and automatically.  

3. The device has proximity sensor which can detect the existence of the container, whereas it will facilitate the dispensing process from weighing and container positioning and dispensing of detergent. It saves a lot of time for the operator while the dispensing accuracy is also improved a lot.